A True Ministry of Restoration          

"What You Make Happen For Others, God Makes Happen For You..."

SIFM is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organisation so all donations are tax deductible...

SIFM's New Headquarters!

To God Be The Glory!

Note: The Office is currently open by appointments only.

Below are the Resources that's available for someone being released from prison or someone is a homeless state!

SIFM Headquarters is a Resource for:

In-house Computer & Resume Training

Connecting for Job Training

Connecting with Halfway Houses

Connecting with Transitional Housing

Connecting to Food Pantries

Connecting with WorkSource Solutions

Connecting for Life Skills Training

Connecting to Jobs

Partnering with Pastors & Other Community Representatives

Resources! Resources! Resources!

If you have Resources for someone who is being released

from prison or someone who is transitioning

from a homeless state,

please Email your contact information and description

of what resources you have available to:


Contact us @ 713-497-5372

"What you make happen for others, God makes happen for you"